Checklist: How to set up a new outlet?

So you added a new outlet to your business? Congratulations! This article helps you to set it up in Apicbase.

Setting up the new outlet

  1. Add the outlet by clicking the settings wheel in the upper-righthand corner and selecting: "Outlets">"+Add outlet". If you don't have any outlets remaining, contact your sales representative.
  2. Click on "Edit outlet settings" for the new outlet.
  3. Fill in the necessary information:
    1. General tab:
      1. Name
      2. Logo (optional)
      3. If this outlet is a central Kitchen, set it here. Read this article to learn more about using a production kitchen.
  4. Fill in the contact details tab:
    1. Delivery address (for orders)
    2. Outlet responsible
    3. Procurement responsible
      this user will get a copy of all the orders and will receive the order reminders, they will also be contacted by the supplier if they reach out via an Apicbase order).
    4. Integrations: Here you set up your POS integration. Check this article for all possible POS integrations and how to set them up.
  5. Custom Fields: Add the storage locations of the new outlet.
  6. Inventory: Add the storage locations using the Excel file.
  7. Procurement: if you want, you can set the preferred suppliers here. If you don't select all, the selected suppliers will be pre-filtered when anyone tries to place an order for this outlet. Look at the next step to add new suppliers if necessary.

Adding all necessary ingredients and recipes

  1. Add new suppliers if there are any new suppliers for this outlet. Check this article if you need to set a new integrated supplier.  Contact if you are already using the integrated supplier, but need to add the assortment of the new outlet.
  2. Add any new ingredients to your library. (Only add ingredients that are not already in your library)
  3. Add new recipes to your library. The recipes that are already in your library can be linked to the new outlet in bulk
  4. Check if there are any new recipes that are stockable and if so set them up correctly.
  5. The ingredients used in the linked recipes are now linked to the new outlet. If there any items that are not in recipes (cleaning material, non-food...), you can link them in bulk to the new outlet.

Adding new users to the library

  1. Add new outlet/library users to your library.

Finishing touches

  1. Link your POS items to the Apicbase items.

Start using Apicbase in the new outlet

  1. Train your staff in creating and receiving orders in Apicbase.
    1. Pro tip: create the habit of registering the orders every day (and definitely before the next stock count).
  2. Train your staff in using the waste, create and count functions in Apicbase.
    1. Pro tip: Make sure they are aware that you can't count stock in Apicbase when the stock is active.
  3. Assist them in doing the first stock count to set your inventory. This is best done when the ordering and other stock actions (wast, create and count) are known and implemented.