Create storage locations per outlet

The filter for storage location can be found on inventory level: in the inventory overview and when counting your inventory. Click on the search button to use the filter. You will see "storage location" preset as a category. Here's how to add sub-categories and to assign your stock items to each storage location. This functionality needs to be set for each outlet.

Add sub-categories

To add values to the category "Storage location", go to "Outlet Management" in the section "Settings". Next, click on "settings" for the outlet you would like to add storage locations and go to the tab "custom fields". The category "Storage location" is already being created by APICbase. Click on the pencil.

A pop-up will appear. Enter the storage locations as values in the left column. You will be able to see a preview in the right column. Click "save".

Now, these values will be added in the filter in the inventory overview. However, it is not yet usable as we first need to assign the stock items to it.


Assign your ingredients to the sub-categories

To assign stock items to the created sub-categories, go to the settings of the desired outlet via "Outlet Management". Then, click on the tab "Inventory". There, you will be able to download your latest stock item list.

After downloading, you will have an Excel file containing all your stock items. Fill out the storage locations in column G. Bare in mind that the name of the storage location should be exactly written as the entered values! The software will make a distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters. Save your Excel file and import it back again in the "Inventory" tab in the outlet settings of the selected outlet. Click on "save" in the grey toolbar before quitting this screen.