How can I assign a recipe to one or more outlets?

Apicbase works with a central library, but you can allocate recipes to outlets very easy to manage multiple outlets from one central system. In this article, you will learn how to make your recipes available for the right outlets.

  • Go to the recipe overview in the Product module.
  • Then, click on the recipe you'd like to assign to an outlet. You will now go into the recipe detail page.
  • Next, you select the 'Outlets' tab. This tab lists the outlets that the recipe is shared with. Click on 'edit' to assign a new outlet.


  • You will now see a list of all outlets available in your library. Check the boxes left next to the outlets that should see the recipes in Apicbase.
  • End by saving the changes either by clicking 'Quick Save' or the 'Save And...' button. You now see that the recipe is available for the selected outlets.



How to assign outlets in recipe in bulk?

  • Go to the recipe overview in the Product module then click "List View"  in the upper right corner.


  • You can select all the recipes you wanted to add to outlet. Click "Selection" button then click "Add to Outlet".


  • A message will pop up to add your products to the desired outlets then click add and it will successfully added to the selected outlets.



In this oversight, you see how this recipe is linked to the outlet. 

 If a recipe is used as a sub recipe in a linked recipe, it will also be linked to this outlet (Available through menus). Because this recipe is already used as a sub recipe in "Chiles en Nogada", it is already linked to all the outlets.

If a recipe is in a menu that is linked to an outlet, it is automatically linked to this outlet (Available through recipes).