General recommendations for filling out ingredients

In  this article we explain most of the fields you can fill out for an ingredient and give recommendations in order to get the most out of


  • Full Ingredient Name: Obviously a required field representing the full name by which you can recognize this article. Often this name includes the brand or some short packaging info. 
  • Simplified Ingredient Name: Often the Full Ingredient Name is not what you wish to use on more customer-centric documents (e.g. when printing out a recipe). The simplified Ingredient Name allows you to give a second shorter name for the ingredient.
  • Purely informational fields: The following fields are not used by the software for any specific purpose but can be used in search, filtering and output : Brand, Category, Subcategory, Storage Instructions, Document URL, Shelf Life, Description/Specifications
  • Unique Article Number: We advise to use this field for e.g. the EAN or UPC number that uniquely identifies the article. With this information we can often get more background information about the product. 
  • Supplier: We strongly advise to fill out a Supplieras it allows our procurement module to generate more detailed Bill of Materials and ordering sheets.
  • Ingredient Approval: We strongly advise to make use of the "Ingredient Approval" featureso that you can distinguish between ingredients which are no longer or not yet in use for production and those ingredients that are currenltly approved for production use.


Please see this articlefor filling out allergens information.

Pricing and Size & Package

Please see this articlefor filling out all the required information for calculating food cost. Overall we strongly advise to fill out Pricing and at least also supply Mass or Volume information.  Mass and Volume information is not only important for food cost but also essential in calculating Nutritional values. For the most transparant and professional use we even advise to roll out a company-wide policy to only express Package info in terms of Mass and even limiting to only e.g. grams. Our software can convert between many types of measurements but from a user perspective and transparancy of the software it is often better to opt for a single packaging measurement.