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Filling out Allergens information

In order to make use of our "Allergens Tracking" feature, it is crucial to fill out the allergens on an ingredient level. Doing so, our software can automatically tell you and keep up-to-date all the allergens in your recipes and menus.

With apicbase.com, we support all the legally required EU allergens + extra allergens that are often used. We make it our commitment to add new allergens on request by our customers if they wish to keep track of them.

Allergens can be added on an ingredient or recipe level. Let’s begin by adding the allergens on the ingredient level. This will make it much easier for you to have an overview of the allergens once a recipe is created as the software takes into account every single allergen in the used ingredients.

You can add allergens manually or import them in bulk through Excel. Follow the steps below:

1. Add an ingredient manually:

  • Go to ingredients and click ‘new’ in the grey toolbar.
  • A new ingredient can now be created. Click on the tab ‘allergens’ to see the allergen options.
  • The legend will tell you what the different options could be:
    • Not clicking on the allergen will leave the checkbox blank. This means that the ingredient does not contain this allergen.
    • If you click once on the checkbox, an ‘X’ appears. This means that the ingredient does contain this allergen.
    • If you click twice on the checkbox, a ‘-’appears which indicates that the ingredients may contain traces of a specific allergen.
    • If you click thrice on the checkbox, a ‘?’ appears to indicate that the allergen in the ingredient is unknown.
    • Click on ‘save’.

2. Import your ingredients through Excel:

It was already possible to upload your ingredients in bulk through Excel. Click here to read the article. This allergen tracking update is fully compatible with the old system.

  • Go to ingredients and click on ‘import ingredients’ in the grey toolbar. Select ‘from Excel’. You are now redirected to the page where you can upload your Excel file or download our Excel template.
  • The legend for allergens is now:
    • 0 = niet contain
    • 1 = contain
    • 2 = may contain traces of
    • 3 = unknown

To add allergens on recipe level, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the recipe you’d like to indicate the allergens off.
  • Click on the ‘allergens & nutrition’ tab to see an overview of the allergens that are already in the recipe.
  • To change anything, click on ‘edit’ in the grey toolbar.
  • Scroll down to the allergens and make any changes you’d like.


Extra note:

As allergens are such important data we also support "Allergen validation". Once allergens have been verified by the controller he or she can validate the allergens so that we can easily show to other users that this ingredient has had its allergens validated.

Once allergens have been validated it is not possible to change the allergen composition unless you invalidate them temporarily again. It is also impossible to check the "Validate Allergens" checkbox when not a single allergen or the "No allergens" checkbox have been checked. 

There is a specific user level permission called "Ingredient Verification" which a user needs in order to check the "Validate Allergens" checkbox. This way, you can make sure that only the staff with the correct set of permissions can alter this sensitive information. 

Click here to read more about allergen validation.