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Looking up Allergens- and nutritional information through an integrated database

Food businesses always need a clear overview on the allergens and nutritional information in ingredients, recipes and menus. With Apicbase, you can now easily find this information through integrated nutritional databases.

If you want to know how to fill out allergen information manually or through Excel: click here.

With Apicbase, you can link ingredients to nutritional- and allergen databases. The nutritional- and allergen information from the database will be added to the ingredient in Apicbase and every recipe the ingredient is used in.

Apicbase is not responsible for the data the databases provide. We make the information in the databases available to make it easier to fill in nutritional- and allergen information.

Here's how:

  • Log in to your library and go to library settings.

Apicbase custom fields library

  • Drag-and-drop the nutrition and allergen databases you would like to use. You can prioritize sources by moving them higher up on the list. Click here for an overview of the databases we currently support. 
  • Next, go to your ingredients and choose the ingredient for which you'd like to know the information. We look at peanut butter as an example. 
  • Click on the ingredient to go to the detailed overview, next click "Lookup Allergens and Nutrition".
  • In the following screen, you simply enter the name of the ingredient, and you can select in which database you want to search for information.
  • Click your ingredient in the dropdown-box. Now the window shows you which data will be added to your ingredient once you press the "Add"-button. 
    • "AL" for allergens information
    • "NU" for nutritional information
  • When this is done, you will see that nutritional- and allergen information is added to the ingredient. In this case, this product contains peanuts.
  • As allergens are such important data, we also support an "Allergen validation" function. Once the allergens' information has been verified by the controller, he or she can validate the allergens in order to show other users that this product has had its allergens checked and validated. 
  • Once allergens have been validated it is not possible to change the allergen composition unless you uncheck the "Validate Allergens" checkbox. It is also impossible to check the "Validate Allergens" checkbox when not a single allergen or the "No allergens" checkbox has been checked.

There is a specific user level permission called "Ingredient Verification" which a user needs in order to check the "Validate Allergens" checkbox. This way, you can make sure that only the staff with the correct set of permissions can alter this sensitive information. To find out more about allergen validation: click here.

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