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Adding and editing packages and pricing

1. Entering Package information

APICBASE supports that a single ingredient can have multiple packages, for example, a bottle of water can come as a single bottle of 1,5 litre but it can also come packaged as a crate of 6 x 1,5l (6 bottles). First, you need to create a package for a single 1,5 l bottle by pressing on the "Add Package" button. 

You would then fill out the information as follows:

Now we can add the second package, for the crate of 6 bottles of 1.5l, by again pressing the "Add Package button".

Now we have added the correct packages for water, the page now looks as follows:

Notice that both packages are set as "Stockable", this means they will be shown in inventory events such as count events. In this case, you can count water both per single bottle or per crate. If you don't want this you can deselect them as "Stockable". You can also see both are "Active", this means that they can be used at all. A package that is inactive is essentially deleted, we can however not just delete it because it might still have stock or might have been used in inventory events etc. But if you wish to "delete" a package you just need to set it to inactive. Finally, the "Piece" property denotes what our system will use if you refer to this ingredient with the unit "piece" in a recipe. In this case, the system will assume you mean 1 bottle. Only one package can be set as "Piece" for an ingredient.

2. Adding suppliers and pricing

Now that we have the packages sorted let's add some pricing information. APICBASE supports adding multiple suppliers for a given package. Let's start by adding a supplier to the crate of 6 bottles. You can do this by clicking on the "Add supplier icon" (the truck icon) next to the package.

This will bring up the following screen which we have filled out with a supplier, an article number and a price for that package.

 Like before we have the property "Active" but now also the property "Is orderable?" which, if selected, means that this package (from this supplier with this price) will be orderable in the order pages. 

As we did not add a supplier to the single bottle a single bottle will not be orderable, only the crate will be. If you can also order a single bottle you can add the supplier to it as well. Stock value for a single bottle will be calculated from the price of the crate simply by dividing it by 6.

3. Editing packages and prices

It is not possible to edit existing packages (because they might have stock or were used in inventory events, etc). When you wish to edit a package simply set it to inactive and add the change as a new package. Be sure to also add a supplier to the new package. 

4. Some other remarks

That's it. You can add of course more packages, e.g. a palet of 12 crates could be added and you can even give it another price by adding a supplier with the correct price to it.