Which nutritional databases does Apicbase currently support?

You can link ingredients to a nutritional database and the nutritional values and/or allergen information will be automatically added to the ingredient, in every recipe that you’ve used that ingredient in.

We now have 6 databases you can choose from:

  1. USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture Food Composition Database) (nutritional data)
  2. CoFID (Composition of Foods Integrated Dataset) (nutritional data)
  3. NEVO (Official Food Composition Database of the Netherlands) (nutritional data)
  4. PS in Foodservice (The central hub for product information) (nutritional and allergen data)
  5. AFCD (Australian Food Composition Database) (nutritional data)
  6. Dabas  (Nutrient Database Sweden) (New Integrated Database)

Read this article if you want to learn how to link ingredients to these databases.

Please note that Apicbase is not responsible for the data these databases provide, we simply make the connection possible.

In PS in Foodservice you can look up items using the EAN code. If you find the product on EAN code, the information you get is from the product you are using. With the other databases, the information is more on the product in general (e.g. beef, tomatoes, ...). It can, however, vary from the actual product you are using.