The guide to procurement in Apicbase

Ordering is very easy in Apicbase. The procurement module works together with the Inventory and Sales Analytics module resulting in a realtime overview of your inventory. In this article, we focus on what you need to do to order using Apicbase.

How do I prepare to start ordering in Apicbase?

There are several things you need to start ordering. Here we give you an overview.

  1. Add all the ingredients you want to order to your Apicbase library. Read up on adding ingredients in these articles: 
  2. The minimum information you need in Apicbase for every ingredient you order is:
    • Name
    • Price
    • Article number 
    • Quantity: e.g. 500
    • Unit: mg, g, kg, ml, cl, l or piece
  3. Add all your suppliers to your Library. The minimum information you need is the name and the email address of the supplier. The email address is the one you can use to place orders. If you are not sure which address you can use, check with your supplier.

If all your ingrediënts are uploaded and you've added all your suppliers, you are set to start ordering!

Here's what you need to know to place orders in Apicbase: