How to register an external order

Sending orders using Apicbase is pretty easy. It happens, however, that you have to buy some ingredients that you have not ordered. No worries, this article shows you how to register orders that were not sent in Apicbase.

Registering external orders updates your inventory and adds the items to your procurement reports, just as with a regular order.  

You can add any item from any supplier using the external order option, however, you first have to add the supplier and the ingredients to Apicbase before you can register the external order. 

To receive an external order, follow the steps below:

  • Go to "procurement" and click on "Receive external order".
    receive external order 1
  • Select the outlet for which you want to receive the external order. This will now bring you to a new page.
  • Select the right supplier.

    receive external order 2
    • Add the "Delivery Date and Time".
    • Start typing the name of the ingredient in the "Stock Item" field and select the right one.
    • Add the number of packages you have received in the "Delivered Qt." field.
    • The "Price Paid" will be filled in, based on the known price in Apicbase. You can change it like a regular order.
    • You can add "Remarks" per item in the text field or you can choose one of the options from the dropdown menu: 
      • Acceptance (accepted)
      • Wrongly delivered (accepted)
      • Wrongly ordered (accepted)
      • Delivered too much (accepted)
      • Late delivery (accepted)
      • Pricing issue (accepted)
    • The "Update Price" checkbox works the same as with a regular order. Leave checked if you want to update the price of the ingredient based on the price in this order. 
    • You can remove items by clicking the "X" button next to the ingredient.
    • Click on "+Add new item" to add new items.
  • Click on "Save Draft" if you want to resume the intake at a later time without losing the information already entered. You will then be able to continue the intake in the "Sent Orders" tab. 
  • Click on "Save Delivery" to finalize the order intake and update your inventory.

  • You find the order in the "Delivered" tab, and you can match the invoice information afterwards if necessary.