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How to change a supplier for your ingredients

You want to stop working with a supplier and start working with another supplier for certain ingredients? Then you might want to update the supplier-information for these ingredients. In this article, we explain how to do this.

Imagine you want to stop working with supplierOnze Wijnen NV and you want to transfer all the ingredients you originally ordered there, to a new supplier: Distillerij 't Vat.

There are two ways to do this:

1. Manually (one by one)

If you want to change supplier for some ingredients and you want to do this manually, the first thing you need to do is add Distillerij 't Vat as a supplier to Apicbase. Read in this article how.

Now your new supplier is added, you can start changing the supplier-information for your ingredients.

  • Go to 'Ingredients'.
  • Select the ingredient you want to edit and go to "Package and Pricing" tab in edit mode.


  • Now, click on the '+' for the packages that need to change supplier. You can now add Distillerij 't Vat as a supplier for this ingredient.


  • The new supplier will be visible in the list "Suppliers and Pricing".
  • Now, it's time to make sure Apicbase knows that the ingredients are not orderable anymore at the supplier Onze Wijnen nv. To do this, click on 'Edit' and uncheck the boxes 'Is orderable' and 'Is active?'. Then, click on 'Update Supplier Package'.


  • If you (or your colleagues) now want to make an order for these ingredients, you will not be able to do it with supplier Onze Wijnen nv.

💡Tip: to quickly find all the ingredients from one supplier, you can search & find on ingredient level. Read this article to discover how.

2. Through Excel (in bulk)

If you want to change supplier for a lot of ingredients, it might be handy to do this through Excel. Doing it this way, your new supplier will automatically be added to APICBASE.

  • Go to you ingredients and import the list 'Ingredient's Packages'.
  • Download the list.


  • The next steps are very easy. Go to your downloaded Excel-file and search for the ingredients you want to change suppliers for.
  • Just copy-paste these rows and change the name of the supplier (see the green frames in the screenshot below).
  • Last but not least: make sure that, for the supplier you don't want to work with anymore, in the last column 'Orderable' is 0.
  • Save your file and upload it. Your ingredients will now be automatically changed.
  • Save your file and upload it. Your ingredients will now be automatically changed.

You can also make a package and pricing export of selected ingredients. For example from a single supplier. Read this article to learn how.