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How can I export a selection of ingredients or packages?

Changing ingredient- or package information using the Excel-import files is very fast and easy. You don't always need to change information for all of your ingredients. You can make an export of selected ingredients and this article shows you how.

To make a selection of ingredients you first have to make the selection checkboxes visible. Read this article to learn how.

It is very easy to generate an export of selected ingredients or packages. 

  1. Select the ingredients you want to export in the ingredient list.
  2. Click the "Export" button in the grey ribbon on top.
  3. Select either:
    1. "Selected items" if you want the ingredient file on the selected ingredients or
    2. "Selected Ingredient's Packages" if you want the package file on the selected ingredients.


Change the necessary info in the file and upload by selecting the "Import" button in the ribbon and select:

  1. "Ingredients" if you want to import an ingredients-file.
  2. "Ingredients Packages" if you want to import a packages-file.

Apicbase Export Selection 2

If you want to learn more on importing the Ingredients file, read this article, for more info on the ingredient's Packages file, click here.