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How to search & filter ingredients

Our search & filter functionality is a very powerful functionality to keep some oversight on your ingredients. In this article, you will learn how to use this function to it's fullest potential.

You can filter your ingredients based on the allergens that are in them, the supplier, the user who created the ingredient, and if the ingredients are whether or not used in a recipe... Follow the steps below to learn more.

  • Go to your ingredients list by clicking on "Products">"Ingredients" in the left upper corner. In the side column, you will be able to select the different filters.

  • You can use the text field to search on ingredients. You can also search on translated or simplified names or any other parameter you filled in.
  • For example, you can filter on
    • all ingredients that were created by person X, Y or Z
    • the supplier where you order your ingredients
    • verified for production; allowed in production
    • the ingredients used in a recipe
    • the different allergens in ingredients
    • accounting category, (sub)categories and your custom fields. 

      Apicbase ingredient filter
      Apicbase ingredient filter 2
  • You can check multiple filters: so you're able to search for example by outlet and allergens.
  • If you want to delete a certain filter from your search, just click the Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 16.38.11 symbol next to this filter. 

Want to know how to reverse your active filters? Then read this article