How does Apicbase handle stockable recipes in a Bill of Materials(BOM) when you have a central production kitchen?

Having stockable recipes is very handy. When you use stockable recipes in a BOM there can however be different ways of handling the ingredients in these recipes if you have a central production facility.

This article will cover the following situation:

  • When you have a central production kitchen that produces certain stockable recipes that are sold to other outlets. When you create a BOM using these recipes, it will generate a different order if you generate them for the production kitchen than for the other outlets.

An example might clarify:

  1. You have a central production facility/supplier outlet, that makes pizza dough. The pizza dough is a stockable recipe and is sold to the other outlets. 
    1. I made a production plan to produce pizza dough to sell to my outlets. 
    2. When I open the BOM for this production plan, I will get the separate ingredients to make the pizza dough (flour, salt, yeast...)

      Apicbase BOM central kitchen 1
  2. My other outlets produce pizza using the dough they buy from the supplier outlet.
    1. I created a production plan to make pizzas for my outlets. The stockable dough recipe is also a sub-recipe in the main pizza recipe.
    2. When I generate a BOM for this production plan, it will not contain the ingredients for the dough, since the outlets buy it from the may production kitchen/supplier outlet, but it will contain the necessary portions of dough that will be ordered at the supplier outlet.

      Apicbase BOM central kichten 2

    The principle works the same if you generate a BOM for a recipe or menu.