The Apicbase Assistant

We're very proud to introduce the Apicbase Assistant. This feature has been launched to help your onboarding with Apicbase. Correct the final mistakes in your library with the Apicbase Assistant! Here's how:

Open the Apicbase Assistant

Go to settings, next click "Apicbase Assistant"

What you now see, is the Apicbase Assistant. This is a tool to help you get rid of errors inside your library. For instance, when pricing information of a recipe is missing or incorrect, Apicbase Assistant will let you know.

In the screenshot above, in the left sidebar, you see that you can use the Apicbase Assistant for all of your outlets, as well as for your whole library. If there are issues in one of the outlets, this will be shown by the yellow (in case of issues) dot next to the outlet, which also indicates the number of issues. 

In the centre of the screen, you can see the type of the issue, the recipe/ingredient in which the issue occurs and the date since when the issue occurs. 

In case of an issue, you can click the "Take Action"-button. This will direct you instantly to the page on which the issue occurs, so you can take the necessary actions.

Clicking the "Silence"-button will remove the issue from the list. Only do this in case the issue is not a real issue. 

Overview of the different error messages 

“An open count is preventing POS updates from updating stock”

    • This happens when you’ve got an open inventory count and the nightly synchronization or another POS-syncing routine comes around, blocking the fetched tickets from updating your inventory.

“Some stockable recipes were used in an inventory event, but no stock item is defined for them”

    • This happens when you have a stockable recipe without any packages connected to it. If any inventory event occurs involving that recipe, the software will fail to update your inventory for that recipe. The ingredients won't be deducted from the stock (because it's a stockable recipe), neither will the recipe (because there's no stock item that contains it).

“Some recipes have an exceptionally low or negative profit margin”

    • This happens when we detect that the sell price set for a recipe results in a negative profit margin.

“Product was found in a POS ticket but is not linked to an Apicbase article”

    • This happens when a product in an imported POS ticket isn’t linked to any recipe. As a result, Apicbase can't calculate profit margins or update stock, because of missing production cost information.