NiceLabel Setup

This guide ensures that your printer is not only connected to the network but also fully integrated with Apicbase for efficient cloud printing, streamlining the Traceability process.

If you are about to start using Apicbase's Traceability module, you will need to set up the necessary printing system required for optimal use of this module. This guide outlines the essential steps to connect a Zebra printer to a network and enable cloud functionality for seamless integration with Apicbase. We'll demonstrate the process using the Zebra ZD420 as an example. It includes comprehensive instructions for setting up Nicelabel, crucial for traceability purposes. A Nicelabel Business Cloud account is required for compatibility with Apicbase.

Before starting this guide, ensure you have the necessary Nicelabel package, including the Business Cloud account, a printer, and an IR scanner. If you're missing any of these, please get in touch with your sales representative or Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Apicbase, and they will help you find a Nicelabel reseller to get what you need.

The process of connecting a printer to Apicbase through Nicelabel involves several key steps:


This guide is designed for ease of use, allowing individuals without expert knowledge to complete the setup. However, it involves a detailed process. Please read and follow each step carefully and in order, without skipping any. If you encounter difficulties, contact your Nicelabel reseller for technical assistance with Steps 1-4, or reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Apicbase for support during Step 5.