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Guide to the Barcode Scanner App

Apicbase has its own barcode scanner app that you can use to count your inventory. Read the articles below to get started!

In order to be able to use the Barcode Scanner App, you will need to:

  1. Install the app and log in with your Apicbase credentials: follow the steps in this article.
  2. Make sure your products have a barcode (GTIN/EAN code) set to their packages: check out this article to learn how.
    1. We also have a simple solution for when your products do not have a barcode (e.g. vegetables, stockable recipes,...): read more about it in this article.

The Following Barcode are supported by Apicebase: ISBN13, ISBN10, EAN13, EAN18, UPC-A, GTIN (EAN-14) and UPC-E! 

The Barcode App will only work with these accepted Barcodes to avoid the reader from scanning the wrong Barcode or Image. If pointed to the wrong Barcode or Image a warning and suggestion will pop up.


Once this is done, you are able to use the Barcode Scanner App for:

  1. Inventory counting via the Barcode Scanner App: read all about it in this article.