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What to do when you do not have a barcode for your products

It might happen that you do not have a barcode for your products. Think about fresh produce or stockable recipes (e.g. sauces) that you produce in-house. Here's a trick to solve that!

The barcode scanner app requires a GTIN/EAN code for each package. If you do not have this code for some of your products, then you can create these yourself. Follow the simple steps below:

You can only create individual and official barcodes when your company is registered. 

In case you still need to register your company for creating barcodes go to https://www.gs1.org/ 

Please do not use self invented barcodes - they will not work!

If needed you can get more information about Barcodes under this website: https://www.activebarcode.com/
( you do not need to register or download anything from this website, when you scroll down you can find the different types of Barcodes and learn more about them)

We like this one: Online Barcode Generator

Enter your GTIN codes in the text field. Make sure the type is on Code-128. Select "one barcode per row" and click on "download". A zip file will be downloaded with all the barcodes. barcode generator 1

Now keep these barcodes at hand or print them out on a sheet or as stickers. Scan these barcodes and your products will be recognized when using the barcode scanner app.

ONLY the Following Barcode are supported by Apicebase:
ISBN13, ISBN10, EAN13, EAN18, UPC-A, GTIN (EAN-14) and UPC-E

Therefore, make sure to generate accepted Barcodes for Apicbase!

Other free barcode generators can be found below (note that they do not have a bulk creation and export functionality):

You can check and proof your barcode under https://eancheck.com/