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Generating Barcodes for Products Without GTIN Codes

In certain cases, such as fresh products or internally produced stockable recipes, you may find yourself without a barcode for your products. However, there is a solution to address this issue.

Please note that using self-invented barcodes will not work with Apicbase, as it requires GTIN codes in the correct format.

Here are the steps to create your own GTIN codes and generate scannable barcodes:

1. Creating GTIN Codes

To ensure your GTIN codes are in the correct format, you can utilize the following tool:

This tool allows you to input a random sequence of numbers (12 or 13 digits) and then clicking 'calculate'. This calculates a valid 'check digit' to make it a proper GTIN code.

To verify its correctness, you can paste the output back into the input field and click 'validate' to ensure it is a valid code.

2. Generating Scannable Barcodes

To generate scannable barcodes corresponding to your GTIN codes, you can use the following barcode generator:

Please select EAN-13 as the code type for a 13-digit barcode. Keep these barcodes readily accessible, either by saving them or printing them on a sheet or as stickers. Scanning these barcodes will enable the recognition of your products when using the barcode scanner app.

Important note:

Apicbase supports the following barcode formats: ISBN13, ISBN10, EAN13, EAN18, UPC-A, GTIN (EAN-14), and UPC-E. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that the barcodes you generate comply with these supported formats.

Additional Resources:

For other free barcode generators, you can explore the options below. However, please note that they may not offer bulk creation and export functionality:

If needed, you can get more information about different types of Barcodes on this website: https://www.activebarcode.com/

Conclusion: By following these steps and utilizing the recommended tools, you can generate valid GTIN codes and scannable barcodes for your products, even if you don't have existing barcodes. This enables seamless integration with the Apicbase barcode scanner app, ensuring accurate product recognition and management.