Share photo albums by email

To share certain parts of your library with internal or external persons, you have a few sharing options in the Media module of Apicbase.

  1. Share recipes and menus by emailing a link to the recipient. Click here to learn more about it.
  2. Share a single image by email. Click here to learn more about it.

These features are perfect if you would like to share an album, recipe or menu with specific persons, e.g. a customer, journalists, …

Share a photo album

  • Go to the album you would like to share and click on it.

  • In the toolbar at the top, you will see a "Share"-button then click on "Share by email".

  • A pop-up will appear where you can enter the recipient’s email. He/she will receive the link that is shown in an email. The first time that you share something, you will not see the link that is being shared. After you’ve sent out your email, you will be able to view the link as well with the list of the persons who received the link.
  • Optional: add a message to the person you are sending the link to.
  • Click on "Settings", if you would like to change the options for the recipient. Click on ‘save settings’ when finished.
  • Then click on "Send".

The recipient will be able to see the content hidden under the link and you will determine what’s accessible through the link. If you do not want to share the content anymore, you can remove certain images from the album or delete the link entirely.