How can I send an image by email

We’ve built a feature that enables you to send pictures from within the Apicabase to anyone you like, right from within the app.

The easiest way to do so is as follows:

  • From the menu bar, go to the Media Management section 
  • Click on any of the sub-links (Studio Photos, External Photos or Photo Albums).
  • Click on the image you want to e-mail;
  • You are now taken to the image detail page. 
  • On the image detail page, find the "Share" button in the top toolbar and select "Share by email".

    Apicbase share image email
  • A pop-up will appear: fill out all the email addresses that the image needs to be sent to. You can enter multiple recipients: just press a tab after the first email is added, or add a comma between the different email addresses.
    Apicbase share image email 2
  • You can click on "Settings" to change the possible options for the sent image.
  • Just check the options you want and click on "Save Settings".

    Apicbase share image email 3
  • You can also add an optional message.
  • Check the information and click "Send"
  • Done!

The image will be attached to the email, so there’s no need for the recipient to log in: the image is immediately available.