How can I analyze my inventory count variance?

Checking the variance between the theoretical stock in Apicbase is key to optimizing your profits and minimizing losses. This article shows how to check our inventory count variance dashboard.

In order to have useable variance data, we advise doing a monthly stock count for every outlet on the last day of the month. If you want to do read up on counting your inventory, please check this article.

Uncontrolled Stock or Count Variance is the difference between the theoretical stock in Apicbase and the actual stock you have counted. So if you have more actual stock than theoretical stock, you have positive net uncontrolled stock. If you have less actual stock than theoretical stock, you have negative net uncontrolled stock.

As with all our dashboards, this dashboard can be found in our "Insights Hub". Click on "Insights Hub" and select "Count Variance".

Apicbase Count Variance 1

Apicbase Count Variance 2

  • First set the right filters to get the right data.
    • Select a date range.
    • Select the right outlet(s).
    • Select the right categories of products for which you want to see the data.
      • Accounting Category.
      • Ingredient Category.
      • Ingredient Subcategory.

Apicbase Count Variance 3

  • After setting the filters you get the following data:
    • Net Uncontrolled Stock (Count): This is the sum of all variances during the selected period.
    • Uncontrolled Stock "Count Variance" per outlet per accounting category: This is a bar chart of the former number, shown per outlet, per accounting category.
    • Uncontrolled Stock (Count Variance) Value over Time: This shows the total variance for each inventory count during the selected period.

      Apicbase Count Variance 4
    • Top 15 Items with Negative Net Uncontrolled Stock (Depletion).
    • Top 15 Items with Positive Net Uncontrolled Stock (Addition).

      Apicbase Count Variance 5
    • Ingredient Level Count Details: This table shows for every package the counted value per outlet and accounting category.
    • The Category Level Breakdown: Here you can check per Uncontrolled Stock In/Out ,and per category, the variance.

      Apicbase Count Variance 6
    • Individual Counted Items: This shows for every Stock item the categories, the date on which it was counted, the outlet, the counted quantity, value, and the variance for each in detail.

      Apicbase Count Variance 7

As with all our dashboards, you can download each item of the dashboard by clicking this symbol: Download.