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Filling out ingredients for food cost

In order to use your ingredients for food cost calculations at the recipe level (and consequently at the menu level) you need to fill out the following fields correctly:

  • Pricing: make sure to fill out the price for the complete package you order. It should correspond to the amount (excl. VAT) that you see on your supplier invoice. 
  • Size & Package: This should correspond to the "Pricing" you filled out. If the package contains multiple pieces (e.g. subpackages or singular pieces) start by selecting that the package contains multiple pieces. In this case you should also fill out the number of pieces. It is also strongly advised to fill out mass (weight) or volume of the package/per piece. You only need to supply those fields that you will use at the recipe level. Make sure the total corresponds to the given "Pricing". 

Some examples:

  • Beef which you buy at EUR 20 per kg (and which you will only use with mass units in recipes): 
    • Fill out  20 in pricing (make sure EUR is your default currency)
    • 1 in Mass quantity
    • 'kg' in mass unit.
  • Leaf Spinach which you buy at EUR 5 for a box containing 30 bags of 150 'g' of Leaf Spinach: 
    • Fill out 5 in pricing
    • check the pieces checkbox and fill out 30 for pieces
    • 150 in Mass quantity
    • 'g' in mass unit.
    • This informatio will allow you to use "Leaf Spinach" both as 'pieces' as with any 'mass' quantity in recipes. A 'piece' will correpond to '150 g'.

Note that the fields "Package Description"and "Package type" are merely informational. These are not used in food cost calculation.