Which are the items that generate the most/least profit in my sales?

Apicbase is there to help with your sales analytics. Knowing which POS items generate the largest/lowest profit is one of the very interesting features we offer. Check this article to learn all about it!

To analyze your sales data, you first have to get the data into Apicbase. You can do this by linking your POS to Apicbase, or to input the sales manually. This article provides all the info you need to link your ePOS. If you want to learn how to input your sales data manually, read this article.

Once you have sales data in Apicbase, click on "Analytics" and select "Sales Analytics". Select the period for which you want to do a sales analysis. It is best to select a long enough period e.g. on month, a season, or even a year. You can also use this feature to research if there temporary trends in your sales, e.g. seasonal trends.

In the upper right corner of the "Sales analytics", you see the "Sales Mix Matrix". This graph gives, as its name suggests a visual overview of which items sell a lot and make a lot of profit. 

For example, our Stella bottle does not generate a large profit per sale, but it makes up for a large portion of our sales.

Apicbase profit generation 1

Our most expensive item, containing the pricey ingredient Wagyu beef, generates a large profit per sale but is good for a small percentage of our sales total.

Apicbase profit generation 2

In the lower-left corner, we see that the whiskey shot has a small profit per item and is a small part of our sales total.

Apicbase Profit Generation 3

The lamb & feta burgers have a nice profit per item and consist of a large portion of our total sales.

Apicbase Profit Generation 4

When you look at the table below and we filter descending on profit, you logically see that the lamb & feta burgers generate a large profit. They even generate the biggest profit of all my items. With the Sheperd's pie as a close second. These are dishes I want to push to my customers and definitely do not want to take off my menu. The Wagyu dish, although it consists of a small part of our sales number, it generates quite a profit, because it has a large profit per sold item. However, considering the costly ingredient and the risk of having to waste it, I will consider removing this item from my menu.

Apicbase profit generation 5b copy

When we reverse the sorting, we see that our whiskey shot generates a small profit. On the other hand, whiskey is a product that does not expire quickly, but when we see our pizza in line 3 of the table. It generates a small profit and is quite labor-intensive to make and we order some ingredients especially for this dish. So this is an item to consider removing from the menu.

Apicbase profit generation 6 copy