How can I register manual sales that don't come from a POS system?

Even if you don't have a POS system, you can register sales and benefit from all the powerful features of Apicbase that use this data. in this article, you will learn how to register sales manually.

If you want to use the inventory module in Apicbase it is important that your inventory is depleted when items are sold. If you don't have a POS system that is integrated with Apicbase, you can still register your sales.

Click on the "Manual Sales" button in the "Sales" module in the menu bar. Select the outlet you want to register sales data for.

You will see an overview of all the manual sales events that have been registered before. You can push the APICABSE DETAIL button to see all the actions that were made in an event.


If you want to register a new event, select "Record Manual Sales" to start registering the sales data. For every item, you will be able to add the following information.

  • Recipe: Here you can enter the recipe for which you want to register sales data.
  • Portion size: this is filled in automatically based on the recipe information in Apicbase.
  • Sell price for portion: This is filled in based on the selling price that was entered in the recipe information of Apicbase. You can, however, change this price if it was sold for another price. The price will not be updated in Apicbase if you enter another price here.
  • # of portions sold.
  • Total earned: this calculated automatically based on the price per portion and the amount sold.
  • VAT(%): This is filled in based on the info in Apicbase, but can be altered if needed.

Push the "Add" button to add the sales data. Repeat this for every item sold. You remove an entry by pushing the remove button.


Click the "Save" button if you have entered all sales. You can also cancel and go back to the former screen by clicking the "Cancel" button or click "Reset" to delete all entries from these sales event and start over.

You will see the registered manual sales event in the overview of all the manual sales events.

If you leave the page while registering a sales event by pushing another button then "Save", "Cancel" or "Delete", the sales event is not lost. You will be able to remove the event by clicking the APICBASE X ICON-2 button or change the actions by clicking the APICBASE ACTIONS button. 


You can do the same analysis of this sales data as with POS data. Read how in this article.