Which recipes should I make stockable?

If the difference between stockable and non-stockable recipes is unclear to you, this article will sort it out for you.

You learned how to set a recipe as stockable, now let's discuss when to do this. You should do this only for dishes or (sub)-recipes that you can prepare in advance and store in your freezers, fridges or storage rooms. You also want to be able to measure or count your stockable recipes. For a 'Stockable' recipe, stock should be added using 'production' events. PoS updates will no longer deduct stock from the ingredients it uses but will withdraw the recipe itself as a stock item from your inventory.

Here's an example of a stockable recipe:

  • Example: Sauce (using 'create' event)
    In the following screenshot, you can see a recipe for a liter of Mayonnaise. Note that the recipe is set as stockable. This is a recipe that is also used as a sub-recipe in my dish "French Fries + Mayonnaise". 

    Today I made 3 batches of this recipe, and registered this in the software under "Inventory > Create>Record Creation". To do this your recipe must be set as stockable and at least 1 Package should be specified for the recipe (for instance 1 batch). Clicking Save will make sure the ingredients I used for this recipe are withdrawn from my stock. 
    I now have "Mayonnaise" registered as a stock item in Apicbase, and there are 3 liters of it in my stock. Whenever I sell my 'French fries + Mayonaise' dish, 5 cl of Mayonaise will be withdrawn from my stock.
    If the recipe is NOT set as a stockable dish, every time I sell a portion of 'French Fries + Mayonaise', a fraction of the ingredients to make the Mayonaise would be withdrawn from stock.

How do stockable recipes interfere with your inventory? It is equally important to understand which recipes to NOT set as stockable. If you register sales events on a stockable recipe that you never produced, Apcibase will still withdraw this dish from your stock, and the ingredients you used for it will not be withdrawn. Knowing that there aren't any of those dishes in your stock, this will result in negative stock values. Ingredients used for your stockable recipes will only be deducted from your stock the moment you register the production of these recipes in Apicbase.