Which recipes should I make stockable?

If the difference between stockable and non-stockable recipes is unclear to you, this article will sort it out for you.

You learned how to set a recipe as stockable, now let's discuss when to do this. You should do this only for dishes or (sub)-recipes that you can prepare in advance and store in your freezers, fridges or storage rooms. You also want to be able to measure or count your stockable recipes. For a 'Stockable' recipe, stock should be added using 'production' events. PoS updates will no longer deduct stock from the ingredients it uses but will withdraw the recipe itself as a stock item from your inventory.

Here's an example of a stockable recipe:

  • Example: Sauce (using 'create' event)
    In the following screenshot, you can see a recipe for a liter of Mayonnaise. Note that the recipe is set as stockable. This is a recipe that is also used as a sub-recipe in my dish "French Fries + Mayonnaise".