The dashboard

The dashboard is the heart of your APIC Manager. From your dashboard, you are able to see the status of your database in a glimpse.

Let's take a look at the dashboard:

  • In the left column:
    You will the different modulesin light yellow: product management, procurement, inventory, sales, media and settings. By clicking on the arrows beside the section names, you can fold up or fold out the other options that are categorised in the sections.

  • In the top bar:
    You will see an overview of the number of recipes, ingredients, menus... in your database.

  • In the middle of the screen:
    Your latest imageswill be displayed, as well as your latest recipes, menus, and ingredients. You are able to add a new item quickly by clicking on the '+ Add' button.

  • In the top right hand corner:
    • The 'support' button gives you access to the support centreor you can submit a support ticket.
    • Next to the 'support' button, you will find a 'library' button. Here you can change to another libraryif you have access to multiple libraries, and sign outof the dashboard.
  • In the right-hand column:
    • You will see 'quick links' to easily upload new images and create new recipes, new menus, and so on.
    • News and Updates will appear underneath if there are any available.
    • If your colleagues left any comments on recipes or menus, you will see them in the 'Latest Comments'block.