Which "package size" should I use in an ingredient?

To make optimal use of all features Apicbase has to offer, it is important to fill out the correct package size. This article gives you tips how to determine which package size to use.

Tip: Be sure to also read this article on filling out ingredients for calculating food cost.

The short answer on this question is: what you buy from your supplier
It is not necessary to convert the package size yourself. For example: if you're a bartender and you buy your liqour in packages of 6 bottles of 75cl, you should put add packages from 6x75cl.
Then, in the cocktail recipe itself, you should use the shot size (e.g. 5 cl) and the software will do the recalculation of the costs or the amount to take out of stock for you.
On a further note, the price you enter should also be for the full 6x75cl package. So if you pay €20 per bottle, you fill in €120 for this package. Then, when you use 5 cl in a cocktail, it will recalculate towards 1,33 euro for 5 cl.
The input of package size is best done in the amount you buy it from your supplier.