How to use sub-recipes?

A very useful function in Apicbase is the possibility to work with sub-recipes and semi-finished products. This article explains the possibilities.

Certain recipes (here's how to create or edit recipes) are also used in other recipes or dishes. In order to save you time, Apicbase offers the functionality to use these recipes in other recipes, by classifying them as sub-recipes. 

  • A good example of a sub-recipe is a sauce, we look at mayonnaise as an example.
  • When creating the recipe for mayonnaise, under General, you can select product type "Semi-finished". Doing this allows Apicbase to use this recipe as a sub-recipe in other recipes.  

    Apicbase sub-recipe 1
  • Now, when you want to create a recipe in which you need mayonnaise for the preparation (like egg salad in this example), you can simply add your mayonnaise recipe as an ingredient. This way you do not have to enter all the ingredients for mayonnaise again in the egg salad recipe. Apicbase will show you the difference between ingredients and sub-recipes by putting an [I] or an [R] in front of the item.

    Apicbase sub-recipes 2

You can make sub-recipes stockable. To read more on making recipes stockable, read this article

We advise to set the net measurement for every sub-recipe. If you do not set a net measurement for the recipe, Apicbase will add up the weight of all the ingredients. However: if you have an ingredient that has the unit "piece", it will not be added to the total weight. To be safe, you can set the total net weight. An example:


You make the mayonnaise with: 

  • 700ml of oil
  • 50g of mustard
  • 1g of pepper
  • 4g of salt 
  • 2 eggs (defined as piece)

This gives 800g of mayonnaise. If you don't set the net measurement, Apicbase will add up the weight of all the ingredients and will set the total weight at 755g. (If not set differently, 1 liter of an ingredient will be recalculated as 1 kilo.)


You can set the net measurement in the portioning tab of the recipe. 

Apicbase sub-recipe3

If you use 400g of mayonnaise in a main recipe, Apicbase will use half of all the ingredients to make the 800g recipe.