How does the Apicbase ID work?

When you add an ingredient to your library it gets a unique Apicbase ID. This is a unique identifier that is used to update the ingredient information. This article tells you how this identifier works.

When you add a new ingredient either manually or using the ingredient or package file, Apicbase assigns it an Apicbase ID. if you do an export of either the ingredient or package file, the Apicbase ID of the ingredients will be filled in. You should never delete or change the Apicbase ID.

So how does it work?

The Apicbase ID is used so Apicbase knows which ingredient or package is updated when you change data in our ingredient- or package-file.


If you first upload ingredients using the ingredient Excel import and want to add packages afterwards:

  1. Export a filled in package file. You will find the Apicbase ID filled in the first column of the file and the ingredients' names in the second column.
  2. Add the package info. 
  3. Save the file and upload it.

If you first upload the Excel packaging import and want to add ingredient information like category, sub-category, brand, allergen information... afterward:

  1. Download an export of the ingredient-file with the Apicbase ID filled in.
  2. Add the ingredient info you want.
  3. Save the file and upload it.