How to waste stock items and recipes?

Apicbase gives you precise insight into the waste you generate. Knowing what is wasted and when is the first step to analyze and eliminate waste. This article shows you how to register stock item and recipe waste.

There are two types of registering waste in Apicbase, stock item and ingredient waste in recipes. Learn more about this by reading the following support article.

  • Click the "Waste" button in the "Inventory" module and select the outlet for which you want to register waste.
  • You will see an overview of all the waste events that have been registered in APICBASE.
  • Click the "Record Waste" button to start a new registration of waste. 
    • Add the item(s) and recipe(s) you want to waste. This can be items or recipes that were expired, dropped, wrongly ordered... 
    • You can assign a "Category" to the wasted item.
    • Add the quantity (Qt.) of stock items you want to waste.  (eg. 1 bottle of Vodka)
    • In the "Calculated Qt. Wasted", you see the total quantity that was wasted. 
    • "Event Description" (optional): here you can enter the reason for the waste. 
    • Click "Add".
  • Repeat for every recipe or stock item you want to waste.
  • You can remove waste events by pushing the "Remove" button.


  • Click "Save" if you have registered all the waste.
    • If you click "Cancel" the whole waste event will be deleted and you will go back to the former screen.
    • By clicking "Reset" all changes will be discarded.
  • Click "Ok" to save or "Cancel" to go back.

The waste event you just registered will be added to the overview.


If you click on the "Actions" button for a certain waste event, you will get an oversight of all the wasted items/recipes in this event.

ideaTip: Registering waste consistently is very important to have a precise stock in APICBASE. Determine a regular moment when all waste of a certain period is registered. It works best when a certain employee is responsible for the waste registry.