How can I generate a waste report?

Every food business aims to minimize food waste. By registering food waste in Apicbase, you can have a perfect oversight of all the waste that your outlets generate. This article shows how to generate a report on this.

Follow these steps to generate the waste report:

  • Click on "Inventory">"Waste".
  • Select the outlet for which you want to generate the report.
  • You'll get an oversight of all the waste events registered for this outlet.

    Apicbase Waste Rerport 01-1
  • Click on "Reports" and select "Over Period".

    Apicbase Waste Report 2
  • Select the period for which you want to generate the report.
  • Click on "Export" and select "Go to Exports".

    Apicbase Waste Report 3
  • The Report will be generated, click on "Download".
  • Open the report in the Downloads folder of your computer.
  • The "Summary" tab contains:
    • Value of wasted items divided per waste category and accounting category.
    • Total wasted value per waste category.
    Apicabse Waste Report 4
    • Waste Event ID:
    • Event date:
    • Registered by: user that registered the event.
    • Stock item that was wasted: the recipes/dishes that were wasted are broken up into the ingredients they contain.
    • Accounting Category
    • Waste Category
    • Amount wasted
    • Value of the wasted amount
  • The "Waste Events Breakdown" contains for every wasted item:

    Apicbase waste report 5
  • The "Stock Items Breakdown" contains for every wasted item the value divided per waste category

    Apicbase Waste Report 6
  • The "Stock Items Breakdown" contains the quantity of every wasted item divided per waste category.

    Apicbase Waste Report 7