How can I set minimum Purchase Amounts?

Some suppliers choose to make use of a minimum purchase amount, for environmental or logistical reasons. It is possible to register this amount in Apicbase.

This functionality will not block orders below the minimum order amount which you've set, the software will only warn you that you haven't reached the minimum purchase amount.

  • Under the "Procurement" module, click "Suppliers"

Apicbase minimum purchase amount 1

  • Then, click the supplier for whom you would like to set a minimum purchase amount. Select "Delivery Details" and set the minimum amount for this supplier in the highlighted box in the screenshot below.

Apicbase Minimum Purchase Amount 2

Apicbase Minimum Purchase 3
  • Click 'Save'.

From now on, if you place an order below the minimum amount, you will get the following warning:

If you want to learn more on setting other delivery details, click here.