How to add or change recipe data in bulk.

Adding and changing information in a quick way is key to using Apicbase. For this reason, you can also add or change recipe information with an Excel import file. This article shows you how.

Step 1: Export the template

If you want to add or change recipe information in bulk, just go to the recipe list in the "Products" module. To change recipe information in bulk, you first have to download a recipe export file. There are two ways to do this:

1.1 Download an export of a full list or a selection of recipes

Select the recipes you want to add information to. Click on "Export" and here you can download a list of the "Selected Items". If you want to download an export of all your recipes, just click on "Full List". (This only works in "List View", so if you are in grid view, first click on "List View" in the upper left corner.)

Your export will be saved in the "Exports" section. A popup will appear after the first time that will guide you there. 


Look for the "Recipe List Export" in your Exports list and click on "Download"


1.2 Download an empty template

You can also download an empty template to create new recipes and add the info. Go to the recipe list, select "Import" and click on "Recipes".