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How do you remove a third-party application from your library?

This article will show you how to revoke access for a third party application so that they are no longer able to access your Apicbase library

When this is done, the partner application will lose access to your library and will no longer be able to access your data through the Apicbase API. Make sure to only perform this action when access is no longer required. If this is done for an active integration, they will be locked out of your library until access is restored.

If this access needs to be restored at some point, you will need to add the application back into your library and generate new credentials.

Follow these steps to revoke access for an application:

1. Click the cog icon on the top right and navigate to Library Settings > API Settings.
2. Locate the partner's application in the list of connected applications.
3. Click Revoke access: