Create an Animated Video in GIF or MP4

In the Media module, you can easily create an animated video in GIF or MP4. Compared to GIF files, MP4 files have a higher quality and are a better format for sharing your creations on social media, like Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Follow the steps below to start creating your animation:

  • Go to Products> Media> Album

  • Click on ‘New’ at the top of the page to create a new album.


  • Give the album a name and select the images you want to use in your animation and Save.



  • Go to Products > Media > Album and select the album you want to make an animated GIF/MP4
  • Select Others > Animation/GIF/MP4



  • Previous Image
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Next image

Define the Speed

  • Slower Speed
  • Faster Speed
Download & Save it in your preferred format (GIF or MP4).


You can now share the download with your customers and your followers via YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, Take a look at the one we created in this example here.

Animations are available for image albums, dish albums, and recipe steps.