Why should I link my POS to Apicbase?

A Point of Sales system is the heart of the sales in a bar, restaurant or hotel. It gathers key information that can make Apicbase an even more powerful tool. This article explains how.

If your POS system is linked to Apicbase, the products that are used in every item you have sold are depleted from your stock. Because you enter the exact measurement and unit of every ingredient, we know exactly how much of which product we have to take out of your theoretical stock in Apicbase. This, in combination with our ordering and stock module, makes it very easy to have an overview of your inventory, and which ingredients need to be ordered.

The second very insightful feature Apicbase adds to you POS, is a thorough sales analysis of the sold items. You can check how many items have been sold and how they compare to each other in terms of profitability. In other words, you can check if items with a high-profit margin make up for a large portion of your sales mix or the other way round. If you want to read more about the sales analytics, read this article.