What to do when an order is delivered according to Apicbase, but not received by the supplier?

It may happen that an order has status delivered, but the supplier has not received it. Please read this article to learn how to solve this issue.

The first ask the supplier to check their spam folder before following the next steps.

If this happens, the supplier's email system has accepted the email, but has not yet delivered the email to the mailbox. There is no way for us to determine why, as it is the provider’s (supplier) server and not ours.

The problem is related to the network infrastructure or security restrictions set on the suppliers side and is outside our infrastructure.

The solution would be to inform the supplier  that there is a network infrastructure issue and here is the following information they should contact their local IT administrator team (provider) to review the company’s network and email server/client configuration, including firewall, spam filter settings and security restrictions and whitelist our email subdomain mailgun.apicbase.com.

They should be able to review and resolve this issue for you.