How to add (and edit) an outlet

As you might know, you can manage multiple outlets from Apicbase. Do you want to add an extra outlet? Or edit an existing one? Read on to learn how.

Add a new outlet

Click on your settings and choose "Outlets Settings" in the dropdown.

Edit Outlet


Here, you can find a list with all your existing outlets. To add an extra one, just click on "Add outlet". It will also show how many outlets you have left in your account.

💡Need more outlets? Contact our sales team to ask for a quote:

Edit Outlet 2


After clicking on "Add outlet", you will be able to fill in all the details about the outlet, such as General information, Contact Details, and Integrations (read more about integrating your EPOS Supplier here).

Edit outlet 3

Edit an outlet

To edit an outlet, or find all the information about it, go to your "Outlet Management" page. Here you can:

  • Manage the recipes and menus from this outlet
  • View the dashboard from this outlet
  • Edit the settings and users
  • You can't delete an outlet. If you want to delete an outlet, please contact

❗Important: when you delete an outlet, all the data from this outlet will be deleted from Apicbase.

Edit Outlet 4