How can I create a supplier procurement report?

If you want to check your orders for a specific supplier, Apicbase will lend you a hand. Just generate a supplier procurement report and you can start! Read this article to learn how.

You can also generate a procurement report that gives you insight in all the orders for a certain period and also divided per supplier. If you want to read up on this report, please read this article.

To generate a procurement supplier report follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Procurement">"Suppliers"

    Apicbase Supplier report 1
  2. Select the supplier you want to generate the report for on the left and click on the "Procurement Report" button.

    Apicbase Supplier Report
  3. Select "Go to Exports" to go to the exports section.

    Apicbase Supplier Report 3
  4. If the export still is in progress you can do other actions in Apicbase if you want. The export will keep running on the background.
  5. Click on "Download" once the report is generated.
  6. Open the downloaded Excel-file in the Downloads-folder of your computer.
    1. The first tab contains a summary: Per outlet, you will find the value of
      1. The received items divided by accounting category
      2. Subtotals of the received items
      3. Value of the discounts on orders
      4. Value of the returnables that came in
      5. Value of the returnables that were given back
      6. Total value of everything combined

        Apicbase supplier procurement report 1
    2. The second tab is the "Purchase Orders" tab. Per purchase order from this supplier you'll get:

      Apicbase Supplier Procurement Report 2
      1. Outlet name
      2. PO No. (The unique number Apicbase assigns to every order)
      3. The invoice # that you have filled in in the order
      4. Ordered by
      5. Received by
      6. Delivered on
      7. Discount remarks
      8. Delivery remarks
      9. Returnable remarks
    3. The third tab is the "Order lines" and has for every ordered item you find:
      1. The outlet name
      2. PO No.: the unique order number made by Apicbase.
      3. Ingredient name
      4. Stock Item: this is the name of the package. You can have for example buy lemon's in bulk or in a box of 5kg.
      5. Accounting category
      6. Quantity Ordered: these quantities are always on a base package level. Eg. if you ordered a box of 40x40g pancakes, you will see 40 ordered.
      7. Quantity Delivered: these quantities are always on a base package level. Eg. if you ordered a box of 40x40g pancakes, you will see 40 ordered.
      8. The Actual price paid: total amount paid for the delivered items.

        Apicbase Supplier Procurement Report 3
    1. The remaining tabs contain the same info per outlet.

      Apicbase Supplier Procurement Report 4