Everything you need to know about the integration between Metro Belgium and Apicbase

In order to guarantee automation, transparency, and user-friendliness, Apicbase has set up an integration with supplier Metro BE.

The integration between Metro BE and Apicbase is a "one-way integration", allowing your specific customer assortment to be loaded and synchronized daily in your Apicbase library (1.1).

1. Details integration

In the overview below you will find all the details of the integration between Metro and Apicbase. 

1.1 Product assortment

Product assortment The product range is always customer-specific and contains only the products you order or wish to order from Metro BE.

The product range is always linked to the Metro BE customer number.
Content product assortiment All products you've ordered from Metro in the past.
Nightly sync

The price of the products that were invoiced that day will be updated.

❗Apicbase shows all the information it receives from your supplier. It's not possible to change the content and details of integrated products in your assortment in Apicbase, so note that you can't edit the types of packages, names, fields, etc. Make sure to doublecheck with your supplier if they can transfer all the information you need to Apicbase before requesting an integration. 

Adding new products If you want to add new products to the product assortment in Apicbase, that you haven't ordered at Metro in the past before, this can be done by:
  • ordering the product once manually from Metro (M-Shop).
  • contacting your account manager at Metro, asking them to update the product assortment with the new products you'd like to add.
After nightly sync, the adjusted assortment will be loaded into Apicbase.
Allergen transfer The data transfer of the product assortment from Metro to Apicbase does not contain any allergens.

1.2 Ordering

❗Please note: there is no order integration between Metro BE and Apicbase, which means that only ordering via email from Apicbase is supported.
This means you have to agree with Metro BE on how you will place orders from Apicbase at Metro BE. Please contact your contact person at Metro to discuss this. 

2. Setting up your integration

In this article you can read the necessary steps you need to take in your Apicbase library to set up the integration.