Edit closed Deliveries and Internal Shipments

In this article, you will learn how to correct the date and item lines of the reception of a delivery or the shipment of an internal order after they have been closed.


1. About Editing a Delivery

Having an accurate and up-to-date inventory is one of the main goals of Apicbase, and for it is very important to correctly register all delivery intakes and shipments. However, mistakes can happen at any time. We might register certain actions at the wrong moment or enter incorrect quantities or prices for the delivered items, and that can affect the timeline of our inventory. For that, the Edition functionality will allow you to make modifications in certain events, including Delivery Receptions or Internal Order Shipments. Here are a few insights about this function:

  • This option is available for Received Deliveries and Picked and Shipped internal orders.
  • Inventory events like counts, creations, transfers, wastes, and manual sales can also be edited. Check how to do this here!
  • Only events with an Actual Date in the last 6 months (180 days) can be changed.

  • Permission to edit deliveries can be set for both Library and Outlet users.

1.1. Changing the date of a Delivery

We might sometimes need to correct the date and time when a real-life action actually happened. The Edition functionality will allow you to change the date of Delivery Receptions or Internal Order Shipments. Let's see how this works:

  • Dates can be modified for up to 6 months before the current day, no matter the date of the event you are modifying.

Let's take an example.

Today is October 5th, the current date. Last month, I received a delivery on September 10th, the date of the event, and I just realized that the date of that event is not correct.

My limit of modification is 180 days before today, that is April 8th. That means I am able to change the date of my event from September 10th to April 8th maximum, but not further back in time.

  • Events can either go to a past or to a further date as long as it is in the period of the last 6 months since the current date.

Let's go back to our example.

I changed my event's actual date from September 10th back to July 10th. I now realized that I made a mistake and I should have set it to August 10th instead. Since August 10th is within the 180 days period from today I can still do that!

1.2. Editing item lines in a delivery

It might happen that after we closed a delivery, we realize we entered the wrong quantity of an item, or maybe updated the price wrongly. Since this will directly affect your stock (both in value and quantity), we should correct these lines as soon as possible.

  • This is the only way to modify the value of items inside the inventory.
  • However, if the price of a package was wrongly updated from a delivery, editing the delivery will not change the new price of the ingredient package. This needs to be manually corrected from the ingredient detail.

Let's take an example.

Today I noticed that my inventory value was strangely high. After checking, I realized that last week I made a typo during a delivery reception. My milk bottles have a new price of 1.20€ but I missed the dot and wrote 120€! There are two things I would need to do to fix this mess:

  • First, I will edit the delivery to have the right value for the milk in my inventory.
  • Now, I will also go to my ingredient milk and manually change the price of the package, so that, next time I place an order, it will have the right price.
  • If an inventory count happened after the delivery, quantities will be corrected in the stock history, not leading to a new quantity in the current stock (since it was counted after the delivery), but to a different count variance.


2. How to Edit a Received Delivery

  • Go to the history list of Delivered Orders.

  • Select the PO you want to edit by clicking its PO number.
  • Click 'Edit'.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the deliveries associated with the PO. Find the one you want to modify and click "Edit".
  • Make the relevant changes in date, item lines, notes, etc.

You can revert any change you have done before saving by clicking on "Revert Changes". Note that this will not be possible if you already saved your modifications.

  • Click "Save" next to the Delivery header, then click "Update details", at the top of the page, and "Confirm".


3. How to Edit a Shipped Internal Order

  • Go to the history list of Shipped Orders.

  • Select the PO you want to edit by clicking its PO number.
  • Click 'Edit'.
  • Date and time: On the top of the page, switch on the button for "Shipping a past order" and modify the date and time. Note that these fields will be blocked for dates past the 6-month period mentioned above or if your user doesn't have the right permissions.

  • Make the relevant changes in item lines, notes, etc.
  • Finally, click on "Update Details" and confirm.