Delete a recipe

Want to delete a recipe from your Apicbase library? This article explains you how.

To delete a recipe, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your recipes in the 'Products' section. You will be directed to your recipe overview page.
  • On the recipes overview page, click on the 'Delete'-button of the recipe you would like to delete. 

  • Or when you're in the recipe detail, click on 'Delete' in the top bar. 

  • A pop-up will appear to ask you to confirm the deletion of the recipe. Click 'OK' to delete the recipe or 'Cancel' to keep the recipe from deletion. If you click 'OK', the recipe will be deleted and you will return to the recipes overview page.

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❗Be careful❗Once you click 'OK' on the pop-up, the recipe will be irreversibly deleted.