Color calibration

Your environment can have an impact on the quality of the pictures due to the surrounded light. Some examples:

  • Your studio is in a bright room with windows. The changing weather conditions have an impact on the brightness in the room and therefore can affect your pictures.
  • You are moving your studio from one room to the other. The difference in lighting can cause less perfect pictures.
  • Your studio stays in the same room at all times, but the lightbulbs have been replaced. This can also cause a change in the quality of the pictures.

To make sure you always have the best pictures possible, our team developed something called 'Color calibration'. To activate this*, follow the steps below:

  • Start the application in the studio. Go to settings in the home screen.

  • Click on "Activate color calibration mode" to go directly to the calibration settings or click on the information button to read more.

  • When clicked on the 'activate color calibration', a pop-up will appear. There you will see 3 options:
    • Leave = go back to picture mode
    • More info = read more about the color calibration mode
    • Start = activate the color calibration mode ! recommended ! This will make sure the lighting in your environment is taken into account to make sure your pictures are perfect quality.

  • Push 'calibrate'. The studio will take a picture which will be used to determine the color settings.
  • If your environment changes (e.g. moving studio to darker place, change of lights in the room, moving studio closer to the window, ...) you might want to do color calibration again to guarantee optimal results at all times.

💡 Before you begin, there are a few things you need to take care of:

  • The color calibration is only necessary when using the large plate in L (square pictures with the large plate) or XL (rectangle picture with the large plate) mode.
  • It is very important that the large plate is completely cleaned, so no dust particles, no items and no stains. This will otherwise interfere with the color calibration function.