Center calibration (for studio version 2.5 or higher)

When moving your studio around, it might happen that the picture frame shows the edges of the plate. This means that the camera is not center focused anymore and you will need to center calibrate it. If your studio is out of calibration, you can calibrate it again by following the steps below.

The steps below describe the calibration process for studio versions 2.5 or higher. You can check the studio version of your studio when you start the app.

1. Preparatory handling:

  • Print the calibration sheet. You can download it here
  • Make sure the printer prints in a 1/1 scale (100%). The distance between the side line and the dot needs to be exactly 18.5 cm. The goal is that the dot on the calibration sheet is set exactly in the middle of the studio.

2. Go to settings:

  • Start the application in the studio. Click on 'settings' on the home screen.

  • Scroll down in settings and look for 'expert settings'. 

  • You will see a new list where 'Activate Center Calibration Mode' is mentioned. Next to it, you will see an information sign.

  • When clicking on it, a pop-up will appear with more information.

3. Enable calibration mode:

  • Click on 'Activate Center Calibration Mode'.
  • You will be taken to the Viewfinder window, where the 'push' button has been replaced by a 'calibrate' button.
  • Position the calibration sheet on the worktop. (see step 1, preparatory handling).
  • Make sure the calibration sheet is put on the worktop plate in such a way that the dot is exactly 18.5 cm from the top and 18.5 cm from the left from the worktop. The sideline can help you to position the calibration sheet.
  • Tap on the 'calibrate' button only once. Calibration might take a few seconds. 

You can now start taking photos.