How can I categorize images and link them to product categories?

In Apicbase, it is possible to categorize your images and link them to other items in your database, e.g. a recipe or ingredient. This article shows you how.

To categorize an image and link it to an item, follow the steps below:
  • Go to the detailed page of the image you would like to categorize.
  • In the right-hand column you will see the 3 product categories:
    • Recipe
    • Ingredient
    • Misc. (Other)
      Apicbase Categorize Images 1-1
    •  Click on Recipe/Ingredients/Misc. (Other). Fill out the name of the product you would like to link to the image or create a new product.
      Apicbase Categorize Images 2
    • The page will refresh and the item will be connected.

      Apicbase Categorize Images 3
    • To remove the link between the image and the chosen product category, click on the "Broken chain" icon at the right.
    • Click on change category afterward and you can select a different category.

      Apicbase Categorize Image 4