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Bulk editing your stock items.

Edit your stock items at a glance on the stock item page. Here you can manage all your stock items.

Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 16.16.52 PM



To get to the stock items page you click on Products -> Stock Items.




On this page you will find all your stock items, you can change the prices, update the quantity, make it active or inactive, and change the orderable state here. You can even bulk delete the stock items. 

  • You can use all the filters you already have to make it easier to find the products you want to edit.  


  • Edit the package or the supplier information for each product in your library without even going to the ingredient page and edit one by one. 

stock edit

  • If you want to delete selected articles on stock item page, click  'Bulk Actions' button then click 'Select & Delete'.
    select and

  • Here, if you select the base package the other connected packages of the item will automatically included in the deletion.
    delete stock

    You can also delete your items here: select delete

    In this context, you cannot delete your base package directly. You must first delete the aggregated packages before you can delete the base package.

Please note that this is only for non-integrated supplier packages. Packages for integrated suppliers can't be edited!