How can I delete a stock item from my inventory?

It can happen that certain stock items stay in your stock overview, even though you don't use them anymore. Read this article to learn how to keep your inventory tidy.

This action can be taken for items that still have theoretical stock in Apicbase, as for items that have 0 stock, but still appear in your inventory overview, because you used them in the past.

  • Click on "Inventory">"Stock" in the upper menu.
  • Select the right outlet.
  • On the right next to every stock item you find a trashcan icon symbol.

    Apicbase delete stock 1
  • Just click on this symbol to remove this item from your inventory. 
  • You get a popup to confirm if you want to delete the item and its stock. Click on "Ok" to confirm.

    Apicbase Delete Stock 2

The stock for this item will be removed from the outlet when you perform this action. The stock reports you generate will still contain the correct data from the past.