A new way of counting inventory in Apicbase

We are updating our inventory management system to more efficiently handle items with multiple packaging formats. Here you will find the main implications to be taken into account during your stock counts.

We are excited to announce our next and most recent step in improving our inventory management system! This update aims to increase efficiency in managing items with multiple package sizes. Please read this article and watch the instructional video to best understand the change.

The new version of our inventory module brings a few changes in use, but more importantly, it introduces a new way Apicbase will track ingredient inventory with multiple related packages. Here are some insights about the update:

  • We will only track inventory from the base package.
    • For example, we will track stock of this red wine only at the bottle level, the base package.

  • You can still count or order larger packages, but we will immediately "unpack" the larger packages to the smallest package, showing only one quantity in stock.
    • Following the example, if we had 1 Pallet, 2 Boxes and 5 Bottles of wine, we would "unpack" these to 41 Bottles.


  • Change in counting: If you count only 1 item within a branch, it is important to understand that the quantity counted will overwrite the total quantity of the various related packages. So in the case where there is actual inventory on multiple items, all packages must be counted.
    • In our wine scenario, if I want to count the boxes I have, that will overwrite the total number of pallets, boxes and bottles because it is always tracked at the base level, the bottle. Therefore, I have to make sure I count everything I have on this branch. In this case, I have 3 boxes and 1 bottle left, which gives a total of 19 bottles.

This does not affect the stock of different packages of the same ingredient that are not related to each other, such as a 5 kg bag of flour and a 10 kg bag of flour, they will still be displayed separately from each other.


  • Some UI changes have come with this update. We have dropped the old "inventory manage" page. Now, Min. Qty, PAR, and Storage Location can be set directly on the inventory list page.  Also, there are some changes in the Min.Qty/Storage Location/PAR table in the Ingredient detail/edit pages: these indications will only be assigned to the base package of the branch.