Can I use the APIC Studio without Software?

The whole idea of APICBASE is to take the concern of photography out of your hands. Every picture you take is automatically enhanced, uploaded and made available in our cloud software so you don't have to fiddle with cables, image editing software and file storage. For that, you need access to the APICBASE Cloud Software and, hence, a subscription.

To summarize, here are some reasons why you need the software:

  • The Studio is linked to your online subscription account and all images are immediately transferred to your personal account.
  • On our servers, there's a lot of image improvement algorithms that are running to improve the quality of each photographed image.
  • All images you photograph are safely stored in our online cloud library, ready to use whenever you need them. This means you don't need to store them in a separate place and can find them at any time.
  • There's a lot of features that are offered, like image editing, tagging, albums, stop motion movies, download, album download, which you would not be able to do when you stop your subscription