Search & filter your photos

When creating a photo library, you end up taking a lot of pictures, hundreds of them. To help you find your photos more easily, we’ve added a “search&filter”feature. Follow the steps below to find your pictures more easily based on their tags, names or date they were made.

  • Let’s say we would like to select all pictures from one chef, e.g. Albert Adria, in the library of Chef-Sache. This library exists of all the creations from different chefs during the event over the years, so it would be easy for us to look up all pictures from one chef in just a few clicks instead of clicking through the whole library.
  • Go to the studio photos or a particular album in your library. Select “search & filter” in the toolbar. A side column will appear.

  • In the side column, you can choose to either enter a name/tag/…, filter by date (specific dates/months/years) or to order the pictures in chronological order (newest first / oldest first) or alphabetically (A -> Z / Z -> A).

  • In our case, we type in ‘Albert Adria’ in the search area and the pictures with his name come up.

This feature is extended to everywhere in the software where you could add a picture, e.g. you can search & filter your pictures when making a new photo album or when adding them to a recipe/dish/menu/…